People Who Rock: J.D. Cook

JD CookThis month we start a brand new series called People Who Rock, which will explore unique and genuine personas who “rock” in music and in life. We start this series by looking at writer, philosopher, and cultural critic J.D. Cook, who just launched his new website Comics, Movies and Games at the start of 2015.

While still in high school, Mr. Cook founded Big Blue Bullfrog (a current River of Rock affiliate) as a vehicle for publishing his short stories and novellas. Over time, this site grew to include commentary on vast arenas, including philosophy, politics, NFL football, and pop culture, and at its peak Big Blue Bullfrog had over a dozen contributors.

Cook spent his college years at St. John’s University in New York City, where he worked on the school newspaper and gained access to movie premieres, pop culture conventions and small-setting lectures, meeting several of his influential heroes along the way. Cook was also a founding member of the “Super Men’s Club”, which actively combated assault against women and related issues.

On the music front, Cook was co-author of the first ever article on Classic Rock Review, a massive review of L.A. Woman by The Doors, and has since contributed many music-related articles to the River of Rock music network. But his real passion falls within the “Trinity of Geekdom” and, in late 2014, he decided to start anew with Comics, Movies, and Games, which unambiguously says what it covers.

Armed with this awesome new site, great work ethic and imagination, and still just 24 years old (today!), the possibilities are limitless for this young man.

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