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Gabriella Quevedo

Gabriella QuevedoKinna, Sweden is home to the amazing finger-style guitarist Gabriella Quevedo. At just 18 years old, she is making quite a splash with her original instrumental renditions of some pop and rock classics. Below is a video of her rendition of The Eagles’ classic “Hotel California” where, as the San Francisco Globe noted in an article published yesterday, “her fingers delicately flit across the guitar strings, you’ll notice that she’s not just playing the vocal melody and guitar lines, but she’s touching upon the bass line, the percussive rhythms, and the backup melodies as well”.

Gabriella’s father is a guitarist with Argentinian roots who began teaching her some techniques at the age of twelve. She has also been influenced by South Korean guitarist Sungha Jung as well as Kotaro Oshio and Tommy Emmanuel and has performed music throughout Europe.

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