“Jessica” by The Allman Brothers Band

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April 22, 2018

Written by Dickey Betts & Les Dudek
Produced by Johnny Sandlin & The Allman Brothers Band
Recorded at Capricorn Sound Studios, Macon, GA, Late 1972
Released on the album Brothers and Sisters in August 1973

The instrumental jam “Jessica” got its origins when guitarist Dickey Betts wanted to tribute jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt by playing a piece using only two fingers on his left hand. Along the way to composing this tune, Betts noticed his infant daughter, Jessica, bouncing along with the rhythm and he decided to name the piece after her.

Allman Brothers Band, 1973

Session musician Les Dudek provided acoustic rhythm guitar to help complete the composition while Chuck Leavell played harmonized Fender Rhodes electric piano and acoustic piano, all of which combine to make this seven minute piece one of the more indelible jams of classic rock.

Listen to “Jessica”:

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