“Do What You Like” by Blind Faith

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April 29, 2018

Written by Ginger Baker
Produced by Jimmy Miller
Recorded at Olympic Studios and Morgan Studios, London, Spring 1969
Released on the LP Blind Faith in August 1969

For Ginger Baker‘s 78th birthday, we offer a song he composed nearly half a century ago. The 15-minute “Do What You Like” features a core a jazz groove upon which much a short song proper and extended musical section is built by Baker along with bassist Ric Grech, guitarist Eric Clapton, and keyboardist / lead vocalist Steve Winwood.

Blind Faith

Three quick verses and choruses give way to a long psychedelic-influenced instrumental. Here, each of the four band members get a turn at showcasing their respective talents in a slightly improvised, one-of-a-kind jam before returning to the main theme to close out Blind Faith’s one and only studio album.

Listen to “Do What You Like”:

Song Lyrics

Do right, use your head.
Everybody must be fed
Get together, break your bread
Yes, together, that’s what I said.
Do what you like.

Don’t fight, use your head
It’s all right every night
Do what you like, that’s what I said
Everybody must be fed
Do what you like.

Open your eyes
Realize you’re not dead
Take a look at an open book
Do what you like, that’s what I said
Do what you like.

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