#7 “In the Summertime”

Mungo Jerry

Our number seven “summertime” song is the first and best known single by the British group Mungo Jerry, “In the Summertime” is a laid back stomp about the most base instincts and pursuits. The carefree song was written in 1968 by group vocalist Ray Dorset, who claims it only took “ten minutes to write”.

The song has a very interesting structure and arrangement as there are no choruses or breaks, just a repeating verse melody. Instrumentally, the track is dominated by Colin Earl piano, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, banjo, jug, shaker and Dorset stomping his foot along with providing lead vocals.

In spite of these anomalies for a pop song, “In the Summertime” was a smash hit, reaching number one on both sides of the Atlantic and selling an estimated 30 million copies worldwide.

Listen to “In the Summertime”:

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