“Holy Buckets” by The Lowest Pair

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February 18, 2018

Written by Kendell Winter & Palmer T. Lee
Produced by Erik Koskinen
Recorded in Minnesota, Winter 2015-2016
Released on the LP Uncertain As It Is Uneven in April 2016

The Lowest Pair are a Minnesota based folk duo who released a couple of album simultaneously in April 2016.

The Lowest Pair

“Holy Buckets” is one of the more richly arranged songs on either of the duo’s 2016 albums. Still maintaining a clear and simple arrangement, this unique track was one of the finer tunes on the album Uncertain As It Is Uneven.

Song Lyrics

Buckets, some would you call them holy, some would call them full of holes
Luck, it’s one of those confessions, better left for the old
I’m here standing at the graveyard, renting out a double-wide
There’s a pit with our name on it and i’m looking for a bright side

Ain’t that the beauty truly, ain’t that the punch line
You say you can take your half-full and stick it where the sun don’t shine

Pails they, in comparison, try to hold water
It’s been proven in photographs that big foot is a blur
Oh fate, I will leap for you just to get up off the ground
Caught running down the middle of a riddle, just trying to find my way around

Ain’t that the beauty truly, ain’t that the punchline
You say you can take your half full and stick it where the sun don’t shine
I want to be there, be there, see there’s a bright side
But I’m stuck here with my half full singing where the sun don’t shine, where the sun don’t shine

Shovels, I could really use a hand in my escape
Of all the plans I have made I think this one’s gonna take
Dig right into that mountain, make it to the light or bust
If we can’t laugh at this the you know that the joke’s on us
Ain’t that the beauty truly

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