Top 4 Blogs to Follow for Aspiring Violists


Attention violists! Drop your bows and music sheets. Today’s lesson foregoes the act of playing your instrument and dive right into other aspects of the viola which may not have crossed your mind.

If you have just started learning a viola and want to know some tips and tricks, or if you just want to learn more about violas, it’s origin and history, reading articles would be a great help. With a myriad of music blogs existing on the internet, finding articles about the viola has never been easier.

The following are blogs that will come in handy for every violist’s arsenal:

1. Consordini Musical Instruments

One of the first entries to check out once you join team viola. is a musical hub not just for aspiring viola players, but for all musically-inclined individuals. They create real reviews and expert guides about musical instruments – from string up to wind and percussion instruments.

If you think that the violin and viola are the same, you may check out their article “5 Differences Between Violas and Violins” to have a clear understanding of the features of each instrument. They also have the latest tips about violas on their articles “The 10 Best Electric Viola Brands in 2020” and “The Best Viola Strings 2020”.

2. Music to Your Home

Need a little nudge in the right direction before you fully commit to the viola? Look no further! Started by Vincent and Tracy, Music to Your Home not only creates quality articles but also provides online music lessons you can try anytime and anywhere. Aside from that, they allow their handpicked music teachers to share their insights and expertise on their blog. And if you’re residing in New York, they also have their local lessons for a wide range of music genres including Classical, Rock, Jazz, and Pop. Their post “8 Reasons to Choose the Viola” will surely help you get motivated in learning how to play the instrument.

3. Viola Central

If you’re looking for a blog that’s specially made for viola aspirants, Viola Central is the best blog to follow. An introduction about the viola and its history can be found on their about page. They also have a guide in buying a viola, learning how to play the viola, and the proper caring for this instrument. You will surely get hooked with this blog as they even share fun facts, in-depth reviews, and hilarious viola jokes. This is indeed a useful resource as they provide readers and viola players with a viola tuner on their website.

4. Electric Fiddler

Another music blog that is worth-following is They cover a range of helpful tips and reviews about the violin and viola. The latest blog post, “Best Viola Cases 2020: Reviews” provides you with a guide on choosing the perfect case for your viola. They include photos, prices, as well as the pros and cons of each brand for a better comparison. If you’re also wondering who are the individuals that have showcased incredible talent in viola playing, you can also check out their post on the best viola players of all time.

Violà! There you have it. Four distinct blogs with important points to keep in mind throughout your growth as a violist. After all, there’s always something new to learn about one’s craft, especially from other musicians with the same passion.

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